As a business leader, you must hear a lot of big talk about AI and Deep Machine Learning but are not sure how to begin, or where to obtain an AI-powered application or platform. 

You might be intimidated by the huge workload needed to establish and maintain such a platform. 

Well look no further, as ZenData can provide accurate and reliable insights into just about any business decision, from healthcare to retail and much more, without the need for any programming knowledge whatsoever.

ZenData is easy to use and can compile data from a huge variety of sources from both inside and outside your company, utilizing state-of-the-art machine learning to provide valuable business decisions.

Below are some examples of how we can transform your world.



  • Process and analyze large volumes of data from multiple sources such as: Manufacturers, Dealers, and Insurance providers.

  • Provide an accurate forecast of auto sales in any region using economic, meteorological, and political data.

  • Improve forecasts of future demand.

  • Analyze security, safety and quality issues to improve design and add new features.

Retail & eCommerce

  • Increase the effectiveness of your campaign by utilizing information on customer location, behavior and buying patterns, enabling the companies to propose personalized offers and services.

  • Minimize the risks of fraudulent transactions by identifying patterns, leading to immediate detection of suspicious customer activity.

  • Optimize pricing and make merchandise planning more effective with the use of algorithm-driven decisions.


  • Streamline, structure and analyze healthcare data collected during practice.

  • Help detect at-risk patients based on their symptoms.

  • Increase diagnosis accuracy and assist in choosing treatment options.

  • Enhance user experience to eliminate frustrations.

  • Identify and flag cases of possible fraud.


Financial Services

  • Provide customized algorithms and transform data based on your business domain.

  • Produce and easily communicate accurate economic forecasts.

  • Automate common tasks such as underwriting and credit scoring.

  • Provide personalized recommendations of financial products to customers.

  • Identify and prevent different types of fraud and potential compliance issues.


  • Create less expensive and more reliable services, utilizing machine learning techniques.

  • Produce accurate predictions on production and consumption, utilizing a forecasting model appropriate for your needs.

  • Accurately predict weather impact, inhibiting equipment failures and outages.